Innovative,Intelligent & integrated energy management for your facility


Quick Service Restaurants ,Telecom Towers ,SME’s and Retail stores today face energy demands and cost that fluctuate,making it difficult to manage an outlet .There has been sufficient increase of energy usage in these industries in the past years. On the other hand,your energy consumption due to refrigeration, lighting,cooling and other equipment is high.
To ensure sustainable business goals, it is crucial to take the right steps that keep energy consumption and costs in check.In this scenario,energy usage optimization is a top priority today.Smart Monitoring and Conservation measures are thus good investments for your business, as they not only help you save money on energy bills, but also helps us enhance the productivity of your outlet.


Managing & improving operational efficiency in line with additions in inventory

Optimizing energy consumption across locations

Managing asset operations effectively

Customer satisfaction

Maximizing operating margins

Your Goals

High energy outflow per store

High employee turnover impacting productivity

High pilferage

Lack of insight into energy expenses across sites

Rising utility bills


Energy consumption analysis

Consumption visibility per device, per outlet

Non-instructive approach to electrical load monitoring

Cloud based saclable energy monitoring - ideal for distributed assets managment